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Funny Thank You Jumbo Cards

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Everyone and everything and almost every gratitudinal occasion is included in this huge, humorous collection of giant Thank You cards. Giving you an enormous opportunity to send out your tremendous gratefulness rendered extra-large and super hilarious.

Furry, warm and fuzzy brown and white puppies and gray striped kittens extend their paws in adorable thankfulness; retro styled men and women and families snark big kudos; bold, bright yellow, green and purple profane letters spell it out amusingly and incredibly; and Spanish language great gracias are proffered and offered garnished with colorful flowers, vines and guitar playing characters. Elvis, Donald Trump, the Eiffel Tower, and even holy Saint Thankus Maximus himself all appear for massively hysterical effect.

If you want to show somebody special your mammoth appreciation for their humungously thoughtful kindness and help, in a charmingly jokey way, then just take a gander through this gargantuan, glorious, gut-busting array of cards and make your selection and send away.