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Funny New Year Jumbo Cards

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New Year's is the perfect time of year to dress up, party hearty, hug and kiss strangers, and - oh, yeah - make resolutions for the upcoming annum. Counting down the old year and ushering in the new one with a big bang and a soft resolve. Everything is new again, and life could be so wonderful; until the hangover hits the next day and those heady self-improvement notes dissolve and swirl away like you know what down the toilet.

Add even more great good cheer to anyone's New Year by ringing them out one of the extra-large, enormously humorous cards in this tremendous line-up. Cute, colorful dogs and cats scribble down and claw out unrealistic resolutions (just like humans); baby Donald Trump tweets exuberant greetings from atop his golden throne, under a blue top hat; and glorious greetings of great cheer are pumped up giant size and gilded glittering with shiny, shimmering gold, pink, blue and green letters, as well as blasted out profanely and massively.

Celebrate the New Year with all those special people on your mailing list, by gifting them any one of these huge, hilarious cards. They'll get the party started early, by popping the envelope, rather than the cork.