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Funny Miss You Jumbo Cards

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When somebody special goes away, exits your life, it can leave a big, big hole. Hopefully, they're only gone temporarily. And helpfully, you have available an enormous emotional outlet for expressing your true feelings in the form of these big, colorful, humorous greeting cards of glad tidings.

Within this large, laugh out loud selection of Miss You cards, brown and white puppies and orange and white kitties throw open their furry paws to demonstrate just how much someone is missed; BIG lettered messages of Miss You are spelled out in bright, blazing pinks, reds, yellows, greens, oranges and blues, from just you and all of us; and a cartoon dog walker and his pooch check out missing mutt posters hilariously designed for both human and canine eyes.

So, don't just sit around feeling down in the dumps about somebody significant being absent from your life. Get up and happily get them out one of these gargantuan, good-natured greetings. It'll cheer both you and him or her up, immensely.