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Huge Selection of Hysterical Greeting Cards for All Occasions

We have a bone to pick with grocery stores. The section of funny cards is, at best, about 10 percent of the entire selection. The rest is filled with sickly saccharine and sappy sentiments.

That's why we don't have a Funny Greeting Cards section at NobleWorks Cards. Our funny section is the entire store.

Every last one of the hundreds of cards on our site are fabulously funny. And we like it that way! We don't have greeting cards with kittens tumbling off tables, precious children chasing precious puppies or inspirational messages that would make any mother cry. And we're pretty sure those aren't the greeting cards you're looking for or you wouldn't be here in our den of devilish delights.

We have a humongous selection of cards for every occasion and persuasion to suit your unique sense of humor and style. They are created by the funniest, most devious artists, cartoonists and humorists in the business, such as John Callahan, Dan Piraro, Tim Whyatt, Scott Metzger and many more. You'll cackle with laughter as you browse through our selection, which includes a lot of different categories:

  • Birthdays. You and your friends use profanity when you talk, so why not get a birthday card filled with it? If you're going to get Birthday Cards for your friends, they should be as brutally funny as possible.
  • Christmas. Our Funny Christmas Cards collection is truly among the two brightest shining stars of our entire lineup. With a selection sized second only to our birthday cards, we know we have the most fabulous and festive way for you to share your style of Season's Greetings with family and friends.
  • Anniversaries. Our Funny Anniversary Cards are perfect for couples who have plenty of spice in their marriage.
  • Halloween. Choose from plenty of Funny Halloween Cards that are scary in more ways than one.
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day. Whether you're an ungrateful child or an exhausted parent, our Funny Mother's Day Cards and Funny Father's Day Cards capture the honest truth about parenting.

A large majority of our cards are printed on recyclable materials, because chances are you like the planet a lot better than people. But the people you like deserve your honest feelings, and our line of humorous greeting cards is perfect for any kind of event.