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Huge Selection of Hysterical Greeting Cards for All Occasions

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No...we don't have a Funny Greeting Cards section. We don't have a small stand in the middle of the supermarket that we've dedicated to the humor cards. We have an entire Funny Greeting Cards store! Yep, every last one of the hilarious hundreds of cards on our site is fabulously funny. And we like it that way! We don't have greeting cards with kittens tumbling off tables, precious children chasing precious puppies, or inspirational messages that would make any mother cry. And we're pretty sure those aren't the greeting cards you're looking for or you wouldn't be here in our den of devilish delights.

So what do we have? We have a humongous selection of cards for every occasion and persuasion to suit your unique sense of humor and style. And we hope you like them. Cause we like them. And we like you, too. We can tell already, you have a very powerful aura.

Not sure where to begin? If you'll indulge us for a few minutes we'll share a few of our personal favorites. It's true, we love all our funny greeting cards, and they each have a special place in our hearts, but just like children, we love some a little more than others. And these are a handful of those...

Funny Greeting Cards For Birthdays

While the majority of our cards are appropriate for the girls and the guys, there are some that make more sense for one or the other. Let's take these Funny Birthday Cards as an example of one that works best for a female friend. Particularly one with a bad reputation. Just don't get her this one if she's sensitive about her bad reputation. This is more for the girl that embraces her wild ways almost as much as she embraces strangers at bars.

And for the fellas? These Funny Greeting Cards are a popular pick for the birthday boy. And they aren't even sexually explicit! Yeah, there's fart humor and all, but we didn't allude to boobies at all. Sometimes we're so on the cusp of maturity it's frightening.

Funny Greeting Cards For Christmas

Our Funny Christmas Cards collection is truly among the two brightest shining stars of our entire lineup. With a selection sized second only to our birthday cards, we know we have the most fabulous and festive way for you to share your style of Season's Greetings with family and friends. Our Christmas cards are available as single cards if you want to find the perfect individual card for everyone, or in money-saving packs of 6 or 12. Looking for a Christmas card you can give all your friends and family members without fear of going too far? Consider these Funny Christmas Cards they're cute and funny, and they won't make your conservative Aunt and Uncle give you that look they love so much while they say, "There's something wrong with you, you know that? You're sick!" Ahhh, family.

Not looking for Birthday Cards or Christmas Cards? Not to worry, we have oodles of other funny greeting cards as well! There's Funny Anniversary Cards, Funny Halloween Cards, Funny Mothers Day Cards and Funny Fathers Day Cards. We even have an entire collection of Funny Greeting Cards with buttons! It's not easy having it all, but is up to the challenge. Eh, who are we kidding? It is easy having it all. But we're willing to share it all with you! It's like we said before, you have a very powerful, positive aura. We like you. And we don't throw that word around.
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