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Funny Halloween Cards

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Hilarious Halloween Cards

Here's a fun fact: Halloween comes from another holiday called All Hollow's Eve. It was the night before All Saints' Day, but became such a big event that everyone started celebrating Halloween and forgot all about All Saints' Day. It borrows traditions from older pagan traditions, which is why it has such mass appeal.

People carve pumpkins, make customs and go trick-or-treating for candy. If there is a party, you bet someone is going to fill up a bucket of water and make people bob for apples.

At night, people watch scary movies, play tricks on each other and send scary greeting cards if they can't meet in person.

What a better reason to send some funny Halloween cards to your friends? Maybe they would like a silly witch greeting card or a retro Halloween greeting. There is sure to be a card to fit all your friend's Halloween style since we have so many hilarious Halloween cards and naughty Halloween cartoons!