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Funny Graduation Jumbo Cards

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Graduating from school, college, or a community service or twelve step program of some kind is an enormous achievement, one that should be hugely and hilariously celebrated - with one of the oversized, humor-filled greeting cards in this tremendous collection. Just because somebody took seven years to complete a three year course of studies, doesn't make them any less deserving of your big, boisterous, jokey congratulations.

Just a few of the successful paper chase highlights: a naked guy striding the gym stage to collect his academic booty, a capped and gowned grad wearing a mortarboard that spells out his 'indebtedness' to the educational system, and a group of selfie-loving graduates happily posing completely ignorant of the facts of life in the real world. To cap off and promote just a few of the massive, mirthful missives from this classy graduation card class.

When someone special has 'finally' achieved higher learning distinction, reward them big-time with great good cheer and immense laughter by handing them one of these gargantuan education accolade cards. And, hopefully, they'll be inspired to get a job, move out of the house, and repay 'some' of all that money you lent them over the school party years.