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Humorous Graduation Cards to Make Them Leave School Laughing

Do you find yourself feeling that rare twinge of pride that sneaks up from time to time and tries to ruin your cool image? That single tear that collects in the corner of your eye – that urge to offer a warm bear hug – that reminder from somewhere deep inside that even after years of building brick walls around your soul, you're still a big softie? Awww, we think it's kind of cute! And chances are it's a young person or a puppy that brought you to this emotional breaking point. Cause kids and puppies are always pulling that shit. Let us there a degree of some sort on the horizon? We thought there might be!

And whether it's a high school degree, college degree, trade degree, or some other accomplishment associated with graduation that we don't know about or can't think of right now, we have Funny Graduation Cards to let the person getting that degree know you're proud of them. But since they're super funny graduation cards and not mushy-gushy ones with roses and rainbows you still get to maintain some edge with that pride.'re welcome!

Funny Graduation Cards For Your Friends

Usually, when we're buying something for our friends, we can be a little bolder and more honest with our greeting card selections. For example, while choosing one of these Funny Graduation Cards for your cousin's graduation might result in your Aunt forcing your parents to buy one of those over-the-counter pot pee tests, your stoner friend will appreciate the gesture. They'll probably also somehow roll at least part of the card into a joint, but that's just being resourceful.

Funny Graduation Cards For Your Favorite Casual Alcoholic

We all know at least one person who never left the bar or the party until at least 15 minutes after everyone else had. The one who would finish the random drinks left on the deck - the one who smelled like beer for 4 years - the one who is defying all that makes sense in the universe by graduating at all, or even still being alive, for that matter. And for that friend, we have these Funny Graduation Cards. You may have to mail it though, cause chances are they're going to sleep through graduation.

Funny Graduation Cards For Any Grad

Whether it's an acquaintance from work or a shy but sweet neighbor, the time will come when someone whose sense of humor you aren't quite sure of will graduate. You won't want to stray too far from your own personality and give them a boring and basic card, but you also might not want to take a chance on shocking them with an over-the-top humor card. We have these moments covered, too! Consider one of these Funny Graduation Cards a safe solution. There's still some Grade A humor packed in, but that heaping side of controversy is kept in the kitchen.