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Graduation Cards with Greetings and Blank

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Know why JK Rowling skipped a bunch of years of Harry Potter's life and ended the last book with taking his kid to the Hogwarts train? Because life after graduation is not nearly as fun as school. Graduates have many painful lessons to learn about life, their career or their next phase of education.

Our line of funny graduation cards helps prepare graduates for the punches of real life with some healthy, off-color humor and funny graduation wishes.

When someone you care about graduates from an institution of higher learning, you'll want to make sure they're ready for the challenges they're about to face in the real world. To help you do this, we offer a stellar selection of funny graduation cards that test their reading and comprehension skills and most importantly, their ability to laugh at themselves and the daunting task ahead of them - life! The nation's funniest cartoonists and humorists tackle many facets of graduation, including stinging (and hilarious) commentary about the perils of being a college student and the difficulties of finding work after graduation with witty sayings and one-liners.

With our great variety of humorous graduation cards, you can choose from delightfully witty to seriously smutty, with varying degrees of inappropriateness along the way. On the low end of the politically incorrect scale and safe for those with special sensitivities to ribald humor, there is the funny graduation congratulations message that says, "If only your grades smoked weed, they would've been higher!" Moving up from there, you'll find funny graduation cartoons that poke fun at geeks, foreign students, street kids and iPhone junkies. At the other end of the street, the part that dips into the gutter, you'll find our sexy and seriously smutty humorous graduation cards. Do we have your attention now?

These funny college graduation cards get high grades for their smart-ass content, high-quality graphics and hand assembly. You'll appreciate the free shipping on every order, especially if you're a recent college graduate with a job at a fast-food joint trying to pay off all those student loans.

Also, if your own education has wrung all the creativity out of you and left you grasping for something original, inspiring and perhaps even a bit insulting to say, our funny quotes for graduation cards will save you the time and hassle of having to think up something original when trying to write funny graduation card messages. Do what so many generations of scholars have done before you: Plagiarize! It's OK, because in this case you're buying the brain work from us at our stupidly low prices for our graduation cards' messages. Funny but true. That's how the world works, as those bright-eyed graduates you're congratulating will soon find out with a graduation card message funny enough to frame right next to that useless art history diploma.