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Funny Friendship & Blank Jumbo Cards

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They say you can't put a price on Friendship; but NobleWorks says you can buy and send out a giant, good cheer card to recognize the enormous value of Friendship. And the Just Funny Card Company makes it easy for you, with this huge, colorful, delightful collection of extra-large, extra-hilarious Friendship & Blank cards.

In this massive selection of moving and mirthful personal tributes, party-hatted cats and dogs extend their furry paws to show some big heart; wise old women exchange the secret to not memorizing online passwords; the Queen thumbs her royal nose dressed in her tiara and earring regal finery; a cute little boy stuffs a banana into the mouth of a cute little girl and dishes out a ribald comment at the same time. Among many, many other witty and wonderful oversized cards, as well.

The mammoth missives of merry, friendly greetings in this incredible selection of good-natured cards are mostly blank on the insides, so you can add your own choice words, if you so choose, to further friend up the happy occasion.
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