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Funny Father's Day Jumbo Cards

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The Big Guy deserves an enormous gift on his huge, special day. Like one of the giant, good-natured greeting cards in this massive collection of masculine recognition and mirth.

Father's Day is the one day of the year when Pop can actually claim to be King, honored and revered throughout his household fiefdom. And so he should be given the royal treatment, for a change. Like the smiling, crowned guy in the ratty bathrobe reveling in his majestic recognition - until Mom sees him. And imagine the King of Kings dilemma in trying to get a gift for his heavenly father - done so right here in bright red, orange and purple tones and slightly blasphemous verbiage. Or take the hilarious case of the caring Papa telling his daughter's boyfriend that she's busy taking a dump - now, there's a Prince of a guy for you.

Whichever way you choose to go to recognize His Dad-jesty, you can't go wrong selecting any one of these enormous, endearing, pater-centric joke cards and tithing them out to the magnificent male monarch of the moment on his one shining, glorious, super dynastic day of the year.