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Funny Congratulations Jumbo Cards

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When someone accomplishes something big, they should be hugely reward and congratulated. Great achievement calls for enormous applause. Well, the Congrats don't come any larger, louder or more caring and colorful than on the featured greeting cards in this immensely sized, massively laudatory collection.

BIG letters spell out giant booster cheer in bold yellows, reds, greens, pinks and whites on blazingly vivid backgrounds; the princely marriage of a handsome couple is attended by guests of the human and frog variety; a cute, fat baby-face suddenly realizes he blew something worse than a fart; blasting bright profanity is used to send out gaudy salutes; and skulls, bones and Spanish are all used to translate into delight for achievement.

If you want to offer your extra-large kudos for somebody's mammoth attainment, with laughter and hilarity, then these are the gargantuan, good humor recognition cards for you - and them.