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Funny Christmas Jumbo Cards

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For some, Christmas is the biggest day of the year, the whole holiday season huge. It's certainly an extra-large, extra-special event, requiring just the right great spirit to enjoy and survive.

The vast, varied, voluminous Xmas greeting card collection on offer here is deep enough and funny enough to meet the tremendous Yuletide demand for shared celebration and hilarity. In bright, bold, eye-catching colors and gut-busting words, these giant mirth cards serve up: President Donald J. Trump in various poses with Santa Claus, wearing festive hats and garishly garbed out as the Queen; mental choirs, proud proclaiming gay deer and re-imagined nativity scenes courtesy of artist John Callahan; cartoon jocularity featuring messy polar bears, teasing snowmen and morose married reindeer; and much, much more.

You can't go wrong when you go all-in on Christmas cards using this immense, festive selection of hilarious, seasonally spiced and humor saturated gargantuan good cheer collection of merry Noel greetings.