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Funny Anniversary Jumbo Cards

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Anniversaries are a huge deal in any couple's relationship, whether it's there first or fifty-first year together. Anniversaries are such a big deal because they represent a way to mark the continuing love, respect and compatibility between two people - or, at least, to mark the passage of time that they've managed to tolerate one another. It should be an occasion of celebration and good cheer, a chance to share some more laughs.

The Anniversary cards offered here are just as enormous and just as joyous as the massive occasion dictates. Bright, bold, bawdy, hilarious images, words, jokes, jests, extra-large pictures and oversized punch lines. The age-old bed sharing set-up is explored, couples gas and drink nostalgic, cute otters snuggle in wet embraces, cellmates relate, women rue their sex lives and dictate the rules of ongoing engagement, the use of emojis is the cause for humorous argument and therapy. All in great good fun to commemorate two people who relate so well.

Anyone marking an anniversary - who has endured the ups and downs, smiles and frowns with a significant other - has earned the right to a tremendous, non-traditional, absolutely massively funny greeting card. Like the clever, colorful, gut-bustingly celebratory ones on offer here in this vast and varied array.