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Cards by VB Creative Partners

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Birthday, Father's Day and Valentine's Day hilarious best wishes are featured on these clever, colorful, funny, cartoon greeting cards. Anybody gifted one of these cute, charming, gut-busting and ass-ogling good cheer and best wishes cards will eat them right up (much like that prime piece of beefcake featured as the daily delightful for one ordering female holding a hot ticket).

Here: a woman pleads her plump partner's case as an officer writes out a ticket for gross beach nudity; various strenuous yoga positions are twistingly, tortuously exhibited before chocolate is chosen as the best course of inaction; and a son's request for Dad's help on his school homework turns out to be a plea for Pop's plastic.

Wittily worded and drawn up in bright, vivid, vibrant, stirring, mirthful whites, purples, pinks, yellows, greens, reds, blues, black tights, browned skin, bleached blonde hair, candy coated ants, and hunky pink rump roasts and pork butts, these laugh-out-loud B-Day, V-Day and Papa Day cards will be a hysterical hit with all given the pleasure of holding and beholding them.