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Cards By Patricia Storms

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Patricia Storms is a multi-talented cartoonist and illustrator whose clients include The National Post, Chronicle Books, Scholastic Canada, The Saturday Evening Post, and The National Lampoon. In addition to her regular illustrations, Patricia publishes several comic strips.

In colorful, vibrant, vivid, humorous, cartoon cute style and verbiage, artist Patricia Storms helps you send out Happy Mother's Day, Father's Day and Birthday greetings in fine, bright, funny fashion. To the great appreciation and amusement of all who receive one of these beaming, appealing, hilarious cards.

To highlight a few of the artfully rendered and worded hijinks: a young woman in a green top, blue pants and pink shoes ponders a way of keeping her mum's mouth shut; a beaming dude dad in a yellow shirt and blue slacks keeps the smile firmly affixed to his face despite the fact he's getting yet more socks and ties as gifts; and a weary woman in a polka dot top and blue skirt drags a screaming boy and girl around as they cry out for "all dat" and more.

This fantastic grouping of multi-purpose greetings is just what the card giver should order, to ensure that the card recipients share in the joy, jubilation and wonderful feelings that these mirthful missives exude.