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Boss Thank You Greeting Cards

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"Having a great boss can make for a great job experience. It helps if the actual work is interesting and useful, too, but having a supervisor who is superior can make even a routine, mundane employment situation fun, rewarding and exciting. So, while you get compensated (hopefully) with wages and benefits, give some compensatory cheer back to the bossman or woman who makes work seem like a pleasure.

In this colorful selection of kudos cards, a group thumbs-up is pictured against a vibrant, party festive rainbow of purples, oranges, greens, yellows, blues and reds; the big cheese gets a taste of laudatory appreciation in yellow cheddar on a bright blue background; old-time typewriter keys clatter out applause in classic style for a one-of-a-kind workplace leader; and beautiful pink, red, purple, yellow, green, white and blue florals spell out and frame touching and moving tributes to that superlative boss.

A great boss should not go unnoticed; they should be cherished - and heartily, heartfeltly thanked. Having a wonderful woman or man in charge can mean the difference between office or onsite discord and drudgery and employment harmony and delight. So, gift your fine foreperson a performance evaluation greeting card note of big approval for all they do to brighten every Monday to Friday workday."