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Glen Hanson's Humorous Celebrity Caricaturen Cards

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From the runways of Milan, to Animated TV shows, magazine racks, toy stores, book shelves and even the fragrance isle of your local drug store, Glen Hanson's witty, stylish and sexy imagery is everywhere! Over the course of his multifaceted career, Glen has predominantly divided his time between the two worlds of illustration and animation. His illustrations have appeared in a variety of publications around the world including BRITISH VOGUE and GQ, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, NEWSWEEK, THE WALL ST. JOURNAL, MAXIM, VARIETY and D.C. COMICS and on book covers for RANDOM HOUSE, KENSINGTON, HARLEQUIN. In Animation, Glen started out by designing characters for TV's BABAR, BEETLEJUICE and DARIA cartoon shows. He has since developed shows for NICKELODEON, FILM ROMAN, STUDIO B, and DISNEY.

Oooooh yeaaaaahhh! The gorgeous Glen Hanson greeting card collection features some of the hottest men ever captured and captioned on a searing set of marvelous male cardboard missives! Guaranteed to steam-heat up anyone's hot Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day and Halloween.

These hunky, hard-body hottie cards include: a muscle stud in a black cap, wristband and boots, gripping a stiff red tower between his muscular legs while sitting pretty on a lit big city skyline; Santa Bear and the 7 Gay Elves, consisting of one sexy XXXmas papa bear in black leather and his diminutive but always willing toy boys Bitchy, Twinky, Horny, Queeny, Hunky, Tweeky and Butchy; a tatted up, ripped and shredded, nearly-nude dude in an orange pumpkin head and black and white striped socks and BOO! briefs, smoking a cigar and holding a trick or treat bag. To single out just a few of the luscious, lush, manly, sweaty, striated cards in this wonderful, jaw-dropping and appendage-hardening grouping.

So, don't be shy about bringing the card-gifting heat to the B-Day, All Hallows' Eve, Yuletide and V-Day parties. Gift some"body" special one of the visually scorching and wittily worded greetings flashing right here in flame, flesh and fantasy and you just might be showered with sizzling plaudits yourself.