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Cards By Donna Zahn

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Sick, sassy, saucy, funny, humorous, colorful, delightful - that only 'begins' to describe this collection of hilariously naughty greeting cards. A busty dominatrix dressed in a black corset and blue fishnets, wielding a whip and a pink dildo, brings home some 'bad' medicine for one lucky sicko feeling down but getting it up; a handsy Halloween trick-or-treater discovers that a beautiful, built, redheaded witch's tit isn't so cold, after all; a man tears off his clothes and mounts the letter 'A' to get his jollies on his Happy Birthday; and a dog and cat watch their male owner puke up some post-party New Year's traditions and resolutions. These are bright, bold, visually stimulating and punch line pithy cards that will have one and all laughing with sheer pleasure.