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Cards By Darren Humphreys

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Darren Humphreys, a stay-at-home dad, conceives cartoons, writes captions, and directs artwork. When Darren isn't cartooning, and raising a family, he discusses his cartoons with middle and high schoolers in his adopted hometown of Bloomington, Illinois.

Ah, the glories of aging! Like, the lucky plumper pictured on this flesh-filled greeting card now has a pair of boobs to play with along with his dinky toy. Hey, you've got to look on the bright, positive, funny, erotic side when growing older, don't you?

That's the hilarious body image transformation posed here for fun and laughter, to send out happy, humorous, sexy(?) best wishes and good cheer to someone experiencing another big Birthday, and perhaps bodily expanding and drooping in ways only a mother could appreciate. A half-nude, middle-aged dude is cartoon pictured examining his changing shape in the bathroom mirror, as he comes to a shocking, stunning, gut-busting and breast-jiggling conclusion.

Give the gift of fleshy, flabby, fabulous, munificent mirthfulness to any-"body" celebrating (or coming to terms with) another big, special, bra-busting B-Day, by sending them this laugh-out-loud, titillating card from cartoonist Darren Humphreys and NobleWorks.