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Cards by Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy mostly grew up in heavily wooded, Redding, CT. At about age eight, it was clear that he was an ambidextrous, dyslexic mess with a penchant for drawing, so really, it's no wonder that he fell into a career as an illustrator. After studying at Curry College, Emerson College and the Silvermine Arts Center, he embarked on his freelance experiment, learning as he went. Still.

It's all about graduating with honors and humor in this collection of Graduation Congratulations greeting cards from Chris Murphy. Attaining an academic diploma, degree or certificate is a huge achievement and a magnificent moment in anyone's life, and something that deserves to be recognized not just with a pat on the back and some parchment, but also with great cardboard congrats that commemorate the super special scholastic success.

As hilariously and heartfeltly displayed here in fabulous, funny cartoon style, a commencement blue bird prepares to leave the parental nest with a reminder to remember to tweet, and a beaming redheaded grad in a blue gown and mortarboard makes her way down the road of life to a big bright FUTURE.

Delightfully illustrated in vivid, vibrant blues, greens, browns and yellows, and humorously captioned for maximum laughter, good cheer and best wishes, any one of these amazing Grad Congrats cards will brighten and heighten that awesome educational accomplisher's big special day even more. So, select one and hand it on out.