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Cards By Ailian Price

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Mom is a beacon of bright, shining, warming light in your life, isn't she? You bet she is! And so, here is the glowing, glorious, sun-shone, lit-up Mother's Day greeting card with which to truly and appropriately honor the lovely lady.

In beautiful, artistic, exquisite, elegant, watercolor style, a beaming bouquet of pink and yellow and orange flowers are depicted against a yellow and purple brightly illuminated, translucent background to light up any mum's heart and soul. You know you're her special ray of sunshine, so reflect some of that vivid, vibrant glory back, by gifting Mama this super special card on her big celebratory day.

Any Mommy will be enlightened and enlivened with parental pride and heartfelt emotion upon receiving this radiant, rapturous card of recognition and commemoration.