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Non-Humor Wedding Cards

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Every wedding is unique in its own way (especially to the bride and groom, of course); calling for a one-of-a-kind wedding congratulations card. Like the delightfully different wedding congrats in the NobleWorks By Design collection.

One scrumptious card showcases a four-tier blue and green and pink flower iced wedding cake, set against a light blue and white floral background, to serve up more than a slice of true loving bliss. While another beautiful card pictures a pair of marvelous, multicolored owls tenderly rubbing feathers in their tree trunk nest amidst green and orange leaves and an inspirational message of love, complete with a bright blue and birded interior, as well. And a third card goes truly heartfelt and full, with a glorious, floral, heart-shaped bouquet bursting with red, yellow, pink, orange and yellow roses and green leaves and vines, and a red ribbon 'Congratulations.'

Recognize the true uniqueness of the happy couple's nuptials, by gifting them one of these gorgeous, glowing, love-infused, stunning, select wedding cards. You'll make and mark their day even more special.