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Non-Humor New Years Jumbo Cards

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Celebrating the passing of the old year and the start of a New Year has always been a huge event in the history of civilization, and before. But now, NobleWorks takes New Annum delightful commemoration up to new tremendous, splendiferous heights, with the awesome collection of great cheer, epically spirited, giant greeting cards featured here.

White chalked Happy New Year salutations are scripted on a deep, dark blackboard and festively festooned with yellow, pink and white balloons, a red party hat, white roses, a bright yellow sunflower, and vivid green leaves and vines. While on another massive, magnificent, oversized card, a sun-drenched beach is colorfully pictured with warm, aquamarine water waving out 2019 and glad tiding in 2020 under a brilliant blue sky.

These extra-large, uber-wonderful New Year greeting cards jack up the party-hearty joy to soaring, super, stratospheric levels, akin to what goes on at the NobleWorks offices on a "daily" basis, not just once a year.