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Non-Humor Halloween Cards

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For many, Halloween has become the biggest and brightest party occasion of the year. A chance to decorate the yard and house in scariness, dress up in spooky costumes, and play hauntingly delightful games or go trippingly trick or treating with the kids.

For all those who happily, paganistically worship All Hallows' Eve, and for everyone else who just enjoy all the pageantry and thrills and chills of the annual witching event, comes the great Halloween greeting card collection from NobleWorks. In this glowing, glorious, eerie, exciting grouping of marvelous missives: "TRICK" is spelled out with ghastly letters composed of bleached skulls and bones, topped by a black jack o' lantern and set ablaze on a flaming orange backdrop; steampunked pumpkins are candle lit from the inside and Victorian gear-wheeled on the outside, dressed up in colorful goggles, top hats, brooches, piping, monocles, tubing and sprockets; and a witches' clothesline is hung with icons of evil-doings, such as spiders, ghosts, candies, bats, severed fingers, bubbling cauldrons and lighted candles.

Treating anyone to a card out of this awesome, ethereal gathering of monstrously magnificent greetings will turn up the fun, festivity and freakishness on their Halloween big-time, boo-lieve it!