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Non-Humor Baby Cards

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Oh, baby! Oh, yeah! These are some pretty, perfect Newborn Congratulations cards!

Having a baby is a blessed, blissful, wonderful, beautiful event (once all the excruciating pain of childbirth is over and the tortuous toil of parenthood hasn't yet totally begun), very worthy of a cute, cuddly, lovely, warm greeting card of Congrats. In this charming collection: a baby girl swaddled in a pink blanket and adorned with a flowery headband and a baby boy bundled in a blue sweater and toque are adorably pictured actually peacefully sleeping to glorious effect and good cheer; and a furry gray striped kitten with big blue eyes is depicted snuggled in a polka dot diaper pegged up on a clothesline above a fabulous field of green grass and white and yellow daisies, to send out sweet sentiments on the arrival of a little one.

New infant kudos cards don't come much more awesome and awwwwww-inspiring than the bright, happy, cheerful, delightful congratulatory greetings in this beaming and breathtaking goo-goo grouping.