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Miss You Jumbo Cards

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When someone important to you goes away, it leaves a big, big hole in your life. There's no way to truly fill that enormous relationship gap, but NobleWorks at least makes it super-easy to keep in touch and express your true feelings for that somebody special who isn't around anymore, hopefully temporarily.

The Miss You Jumbo Cards collection features extra-large greeting cards filled with massive emotion and huge mirth, too. A dog owner and his dog get a different perspective on a cute missing mutt, a brown and white beagle and an orange tabby cat sit up and take notice and spread their warm and fuzzy paws wide, while another adorable gray and white cat impatiently sits by the gate waiting for its owner to return, and big miss you and holla greetings are sent out super-sized in bright bold pink, yellow, green, orange and white letters on vivid pink and blue backgrounds.

Missing someone special is never fun. But sending them a giant, colorful, cheerful card indicating your immense appreciation and feelings for them does relieve some of the burden of caring so much.