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Funny Recovery Cards

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When somebody is recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, taking steps on the road to sober Recovery, every minute, hour, day, month and year matters. And having a great Sponsor to provide support, encouragement and advice along that journey to clean living makes a huge difference.

So, if you have friends, family members or coworkers who have made the difficult, courageous and life affirming decision to give up alcohol or narcotics, then be sure to celebrate their wise and wonderful choice via a Recovery Congratulations greeting card; such as the appropriate, applauding one from the selection on sale here for rewarding gifting and cheering. In One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Ten and Fifteen Year and Ninety and Thirty Day intervals, bright sunlit dawns are breathtakingly pictured breaking beautiful over warm, scenic meadow, valley and mountain vistas to commemorate those amazing sobriety milestone markers. And on the more humorous, but just as meaningful, side, a cartoon chess piece is shown lying on a counsellor's couch, having just successfully turned a corner. Big, bold, bright, colorful words of Sponsor gratitude and gratefulness are spelled out to Thank a super person who has assisted in the Recovery process, as well.