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As the world keeps getting more and more complicated, it seems like everything comes with a set of instructions these days. Even greeting cards, too. Only, these instructions aren't one-hundred page booklets that can only be read with the aid of a PhD and pair of jeweler's glasses; these card-based instructions from NobleWorks are simple, helpful, pictorial and downright hilarious.

On these delightful educational cards, humorous but effective diagrams illustrate: the correct method for blowing out birthday cake candles, the improper protocol for owning cats, the rights and wrongs of tough tattoos, a hazardous way of growing old in your recliner, and the difference between sweet Halloween treats and not, the proper and improper ways to play a trick on somebody's house.

Succinct, simple, bright, visual and downright hilarious, these funny 'how to not' cards will lead to laughter rather than frustration. Perfect mirth missives for cluing that special someone in on how to celebrate a Happy Birthday and/or a Happy Halloween. And easy to fold back up, to boot.
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