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Funny Get Well Jumbo Cards

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Being sick can get someone down, big-time, both physically and mentally. So, Get Well greetings should be humungous and hilarious, to get that special sicko feeling fine inside and out. Or, if things don't end up improving for him or her, it puts you in good stead for a sizeable chunk of the late, lamented, loved one's estate.

The vast and varied, humorous and joyful, collection of massive get better missives prescribed here for purchase and application more than meet medically-approved standards of compassion signaling and mirth making. In colorful, clever, cartoon and picture joke format, doctors diagnose for their own benefit, patients get overexcited and underappreciated, and medicinal catnip and marijuana gets distributed to those feline fine and otherwise.

Show your huge heart, enormous empathy and great sense of humor by gifting someone ill one of these tremendous, rib-tickling, ribald, funny bone rattling, wish you were better giant cards.