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Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond

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take it all card

Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond

If there's one thing that NobleWorks 'doesn't' believe in, it's censorship.

If there's one thing that NobleWorks 'does' believe in, it's humor.

Fucking funny humor!

Well, with that kind of (b)attitude (and an unclean stable of raunchy, ribald, raucous artists, writers and editors to back it up), you better believe that NobleWorks will not hesitate to pull the safety pin on lewd laughter and let the F-bombs fly! And they do so in hilarious, hardcore fashion and style in the company's Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond collection of filthy, freewheeling, funny greeting cards. Because if we have to stick a good-natured gerbil up a leather-chapped dude's ass to get a huge gut laugh – then, fuck yeah, we're gonna do it!

i'll be a stripper card These depraved, debauched, delirious cards of unexpurgated mirth aren't for everyone. Old-fashioned Grandma, your innocent little six-year-old niece and that church-going pious couple down the block might find some of the combustible cards in the Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond offering to be offensive, infamous and maybe even unfunny. Well, fuck them and the rocking chairs they rode in on! These bold, bawdy, boisterous cards aren't meant for them, anymore than a penis-shaped upright birthday cake with sticky white icing is the right choice for Great Aunt Prudence. But if you've got friends, family members, colleagues and/or circle-jerk game players who are as twisted, demented and dirty-minded as you and we are, then any card in Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond is right up their Hershey highway and will leave them pooping with laughter. They'll eat these risque missives of merriment up like a back alley 'ho gobbles down loads of man-spam. They'll get the blue humor, and you'll get the big thanks for adding some extra-special hot spice and sauciness to their big special day.

With NobleWorks' Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond, no taboo topic or raw genital area or sassy sex act is off-limits or left unexplored/unexposed. Because we like to stretch the proprietary boundaries of X-rated hilarity until they snap like cheap condoms at a cut-rate orgy. Butts, breasts, penises, blow jobs, hand jobs, facials, rear-tunneling rodents and lots and lots of four-letter words are featured front and center, full-frontal and fucking funny; blatantly illustrated and pueriley punchlined with the obscene aid of nuns, kids, bikers, bathers, bitches, blondes, babes, johns, and even Jesus his own holy (shit!) self. Not just for mild tittering, nudge-nudge wink-wink purposes, but rather to deliver huge, honking, ginormous jiggly boob and belly laughs that will leave the breathless card recipient burping bile and farting free-form, with gusto.

NobleWorks will stoop to any gutter level (and then sink ten sewer tunnels lower just to be sure) to generate degenerate Birthday and other occasion good cheer, willfully evidenced and exhibited by the exciting, XXXhilarating exposition of joke cards in the Dirty Cards For Birthdays And Beyond assortment. So, for fuck's sake, don't do yourself and your friend, family member, colleague and/or online edge-play avatar a dirty disservice by dishing them out another limp and lifeless greeting – grab hold of one of the hard-on-target and throbbingly thrilling cards on sale here and jack the lascivious laughs to the max. Devilishly delivered up and out from the churning, chortling bowels of the NobleWorks collective to catch the gleeful, good-time cardholder by the fucking funny (and other) bone and never let go!