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Unique Funny Birthday Poems from NobleWorks

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Roses are red, violets are blue. NobleWorks has all the best birthday cards for you. Clever, huh? Here at NobleWorks Cards, we draw inspiration for our funny birthday cards from just about everywhere, including historical facts, current events, top 10 lists and poems about birthdays. There are so many ways to wish someone a fantastic birthday, and these hilarious birthday poems help you do just that. The great thing about these adult birthday poems is that they abandon all poetry conventions, putting
Shakespeare, Keats, Frost and Dickinson to shame. You won’t need to mull over each phrase with an Old English dictionary to grasp the celebratory theme of these comical verses.

With these birthday poems, funny rhymes and jokes are built in. Take a look at our 30 Things birthday poem that reminds your recipient that unlike like summers and snowmen, you won’t disappear into thin air when you turn 30. Or honor your aging-inclined loved one with a card that reads “Like warm and loving wishes, and a sink with no dirty dishes, may you get everything you need. Have a happy birthday.” The limits of the English language are challenged with these thought-provoking birthday poems, and the literature-loving birthday boy or girl in your life is sure to appreciate that. Each and every one of our hilarious birthday poems would pair just perfectly with one of our funny birthday cards, so go ahead and take a gander around to find the perfect one for you and your year-older pals.

Our fine selection includes cards that are made in the U.S. on Eco-friendly paper, so you can be thoughtful and humanitarian at once. In addition, we offer free shipping (even on a single card), so you’re sure to keep your card-buying habit securely within the budget.


A Greeting

A greeting on your birthday

No other day is as a happy day

May this year

Bring the best

Of everything your way

Please enjoy this special day

Please enjoy this funny card


Because of Today

Because today’s your birthday

And because you’re my very good friend

One wish I would buy

If wishes had a price

Is wishing you could get a wish twice

And so here’s wishing twice

Hoping these greeting card wishes come true


Extra Special Guy

Extra special wishes,

For an extra special guy,

May you have the best day,

A guy could have on his birthday!

Hope you think this is a nice birthday card!


You're Very Special

Because you’re very special,

I have a secret for you,

My happiness for you overflows,

With only wanting what you’re wishing for,

And I hope all your be more like a dance,

Than a drag.

Happy birthday!


From Morning

From morning until the darkest past of the night,

May your birthday be bright,

And sweeter than ever before,

And as years come and pass,

May your happiness always last,

And never a nightmare when you dream.


Not For Show

Here’s a Birthday greeting,

And it’s not simply for show,

I want to tell you how much you mean,

Surely you must know,

In this hilarious birthday card

That without a doubt,

There’s no one better,

Or anyone dearer,

To wish Happy birthday to.


Here's Hoping

Here’s hoping that,

Today will very quickly bring,

Only beautiful things,

Because you are the most beautiful person to me!


Here's Wishing

Here's wishing for happiness,

And amazing dreams,

Not only on the day you were born,

But every day you shall see.


Turning 30

Just because you're 30,

Don't despair,

Oh my,

You won’t disappear as the day passes,

Age is just a number,

Of summers passed,

And snowmen made,

And all the other good things,

Only life can bring.

Enjoy this funny card.


Warm Wishes and Dishes

Like warm and loving wishes,

And a sink with no dirty dishes,

May you get everything you need,

Have a happy birthday.


Good Things!

May all your surprises be good surprises,

Good things are coming your way,

To make your birthday,

A most awesome,

Wonderful, day.

Please like this birthday card poem.


Tons of Happiness

May your birthday bring,

Tons of happiness,

As you give tons to everyone,

Happy Birthday!


My Wish For You

This is my wish for you,

The best a day and year,

Can bring,

for someone as nice as you,

You should only be granted the nicest things.

Happy Birthday!


Special Birthday Poem

This special,

Birthday poem,

Is being sent your way from me,

All the things we wish for,

And what new years can bring,

For a truly perfect birthday,

Now, let’s sing: Happy Birthday.


Wish You Your Best!

Wishing you,

Your best,

Birthday yet,

A birthday everyone will say,

Is too important to ever forget.

All these birthday wishes, I wish for you.



You’ve always been very special,

To me,

Please know today,

That you are wished the nicest things,

That the universe can bring your way.

You can never have too much fun on your birthday!