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Weed Day

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For some, "any" occasion is a good occasion to smoke weed, at "any" age. Like the two old gals pictured in antique black and white on this funny wacky tobaccy greeting card, going for a stroll to loosen their stiff joints and smoke a rolled joint or two.

Even though a number of states have actually legalized recreational pot, and other states permit the use of medicinal marijuana, April 20th, Weed Day, is still a significant celebratory and protest date for those with a love for the skunky-smelling green plant, as a majority of state jurisdictions, and the federal government, still consider dope-doing illegal.

So, spark up a jay and fire out this high humored, smokin' good senior greeting card to all those who roll with the hallucinogenic herb, for Happy 4/20 Weed Day greetings. No harshness, babe; just all mellow mirth and free-floating feelings of blissful fine cheer.