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Tim Whyatt Bestselling Birthday Greeting Cards

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From the mind, brush, pen and computer of artist Tim Whyatt, comes his greatest collection of uniquely colorful and utterly funny cards, just in time for Birthday giving. The wicked wit, wile and wisdom of Whyatt are on full display here. Any one of these mirth-inducing missives will put a smile on the face and a chortle in the belly of anybody lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of these wacky B-Day wonderments.

With bright yellow borders on the fronts, and vivid yellow interiors, and cleverly pictured cartoon hilarity outside and in, any one of these gut-busting joke cards will deliver your best wishes birthday good cheer big-time. 'Man-kini Monday' catches Carol off-guard; a bright green bird parrots Dad's preference for profanity while he watches sports; and a guy comes a little too early, as usual, for the 'Premature Ejaculators' meeting. As well, naked men go to outrageous lengths, a pizza delivery guy gets it all wong, and desert island shenanigans are fully and elongatedly exposed.

Give the gift of great, big cheer and gut-busting joy, by giving somebody special one of these bright, brilliant Birthday humor cards.
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