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Spanish Language Holiday Jumbo Cards

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Father's Day, Mother's Day and the Holidays are huge events, filled with immense joy and happiness, and deserving of a Grande greeting card to celebrate the epic occasions with Padre and Mama, and all of your other Latin language friends, family members and coworkers. Filled with color, cacti and facial hair, the giant greetings in this epic collection will be greatly enjoyed by all of your Hispanic relatives and compadres.

For classy and charismatic Dad, it's top hat and waxed mustache all the way; while beautiful and wonderful Mom is richly deserving of a big, flower-filled wreath; and Santa capped prickly cacti in pots decorate an enormous, holly and ivy bordered Xmas and New Year missive. Funny, gorgeous and well-groomed, these Spanish language oversized cards deliver the best of the season and your best wishes in honor of a perfect parent.