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If a firefighter can go up in smoke

Hypothetic question: If you could take your friend to see any comedian they wanted to see for their birthday, who would it be? Chances are that comedian will spit out a fair bit of profanity during the act. It might be a few choice bombs from Patton Oswalt or an onslaught of raunchy vulgarities from Jim Jeffries.

You won't find adult birthday cards in the big-box retail store. If you're looking for adult birthday cards that are unadulterated and unexpurgated, look no further than Our funny adult birthday cards are R-rated - some might even deserve an X rating - and are bound to bring riotous laughter with your dirty-minded friends.

These funny birthday cards, drawn by some of the edgiest cartoonists and artists, run the gamut from political truth bombs to deliciously dirty jokes. Each contains a funny happy birthday image and text to help the recipient get over notching another year in his or her belt. Understandably, they might have a bad attitude about this, and one of those cutesy cards from the grocery store isn't going to say what you really want to say.

No matter what type of adult birthday card you're looking for, you'll find it at NobleWorks Cards, whether the recipient is straight, gay or somewhere in between. Our adult birthday cards are practically guaranteed to make any recipient gush with laughter or wet their pants. Many of these racy birthday cards are perfect for the grown-ups in your life who appreciate grown-up humor and are sick and tired of getting those sickly sweet birthday cards that line the shelves of most greeting card departments and stores.