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Schools and Mascots Jumbo Cards

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When you've achieved amazing sporting or academic success, you know that you couldn't have done it alone. A special coach, teacher, mentor, parent, or group of teammates or classmates helped make it possible for you to accomplish that tremendous goal. Those awesome people, your super education and athletic support staff, are worthy of great, big, huge Thank You's, as represented in paper form by the enormous gratitude greeting cards in this massive collection.

In the jock trophy field, BIG thanks are spelled out in blazing bright white, red, blue, orange, purple, green and pink letters, on burningly vivid colorful backgrounds, and game customized with baseballs, lacrosse balls, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs and hockey pucks, to pass, shoot and toss out your mammoth appreciation. While on the school diploma and degree side of things, vintage red, blue, white black and tiger striped limousines are crowded with boisterous, prideful packs of tigers, cougars, panthers, lions, bears and dogs throwing confetti and floating balloons and boosting banners as they roll out gargantuan gratefulness on your behalf in oversized card form.

Whether your accomplishment involved balls or ballpoint pens, projectiles or powerpoint presentations, it all required sweat, dedication, determination, hard work, talent and the wonderful assistance of others who helped and inspired you to land your field of dreams and/or hit the scholastic heights. Cherish and commemorate those special people with a colossal kudos card.
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