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A BIG HAPPY EVERYTHING' indeed! That one bright white and orange and yellow and blue lettered large card pretty, and prettily, well describes this collection of giant greeting cards from NobleWorks. The overall emphasis is on enormous variety, the specific focus on 'Congratulations,' 'Mother's Day,' 'Father's Day,' and 'Thank You Teacher' great goodwill sentiments.

To thank that special teacher who helped you out hugely in your education and your life, there's a colossal card with a sexy lady wearing a black mortarboard and writing on a blackboard, a humungous card with four grinning grads giving the thumbs up and thankful gratitude to various sources and beverages and teacher too, and a massive missive with a quartet of pictured fingers dressed up in grad caps and clutching sheepskin degrees to send out more kudos to Teach. To name but a few.

Mom is covered in tremendous greeting card glory, as well, with pink and purple flowers, white and red roses, and gargantuan colorful letters. And there is even a super-sized 'Thank You Boss' card or two, displaying colorfully flower-twined letters set against sky blue and glowing white backgrounds.

The cards assembled here are for all different types of happy, celebratory occasions. The commonality being that they're all big, beautiful and bursting with glorious good cheer. Perfect for sensational sending and sharing.