Recently Added Nobleworks By Design Birthday Greeting Cards

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The NobleWorks By Design Birthday Greeting Cards recently added to the site are bright, cheerful, colorful and mostly all hilarious. The emphasis is on punny fun in this humorous food and cat featured selection of B-Day goodwill greetings.

A carrot, brown toad, bowl of soup, strawberry milkshake, pair of tomatoes, two pink owls, a pink and blue whale, a cracked egg, a bee, a roll of white toilet paper, a teabag, a wedge of cheese, a feisty green cake, a couple of cups of steamy espresso, and a little brown puppy dog all get in on the happy act of sending out pun-rich, gut-bustingly appetizing slices of cardboard birthday comedy.

Cute white, orange and gray cats also contribute to the special day special feelings, as they raise their furry paws, or a furry mouse, to send out warm and fuzzy big day best wishes. And yes, there are even a couple of moving, emotional cards, as well, featuring lovely pink and purple roses and a touching tribute to Mom, and a beautiful 'Happy Birthday!' written in white on a blue weathered board fence with painted pink, orange, blue, yellow, and red blossoms and green leaves and vines and blue buds.

In other words, and photos and illustrations, this awesome collection includes just about everything for you to choose from, to send out your great good cheer and heartfelt b-day messages to those special men and women celebrating birthdays. Talk about having your greeting card cake and eating it, too!
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