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Recently Added Funny Other Occasions Greeting Cards

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The Recently Added Humorous Other Occasions Cards collection from NobleWorks includes anniversary, congratulations, baby congratulations, divorce congratulations, administrative professionals day, and gay marriage congratulations cards. A little bit of everything new, in other words, but all colorful, clever and hilarious.

Administrative professionals finally get their hard-earned due with a fine selection of funny cards featuring lovely ladies acting sassy and working smart; and a brown dog getting the hang of the ins and outs of the job. While for wishing your significant other or another special someone a 'Happy Anniversary,' there are also a number of vividly and joyfully pictured cards with piquant punch lines - like a bright green praying mantis staying on for one more foaming beer knowing the missus is going to chew his head off anyway when he gets home, and a concerned husband with his head screwed on right and priorities set straight instructing his wife not to jump from the burning building until she's thrown his golf clubs down first (wonder how that turned out?).

Brown and pink donuts and their doughy hole offspring meet and greet to exchange newborn congrats, as well. And a couple of loving men walk down the pink carpeted aisle to exchange wedding vows and recipes, on a giddy and gleeful gay marriage card.

So, check out this awesomely wide-ranging and wickedly humor-filled collection of cards, to complete your greeting card gifting needs in exuberant style. You, and the lucky recipients, will not be disappointed by any a one.
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