Recently Added Birthday Jumbo Cards

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Everybody has a new birthday every year. Funny how it works that way. And funny is what the new Birthday Jumbo Cards collection from NobleWorks is all about.

This huge selection of giant cards is heavy on laughter and delightful in design. A tough-minded classic dame in a housedress raises and clenches a fist to proclaim that she's not to blame, she voted with the majority - in electing to wish someone special a 'Happy Birthday!' A feisty, furry groundhog pops out of its dugout and states emphatically that if you don't like its spring prediction you can kiss its fuzzy you-know-what, as it predicts a day of B-Day partying. And the 'Old' West is pictured in a new and hilarious light, with walkers rather than horses tethered up outside a saloon to put some giddy-up, and no hitches, in somebody's birthday celebrations.

Every birthday is unique; every extra-large birthday card here new and one-of-a-kind. Look no further, then, when you want to send out a big, clever, humorous, bright, bold and brash B-Day greeting.