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Pet Sympathy

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Losing a cherished pet can be a heartbreaking, traumatic event. A beloved dog or cat becomes like one of the family, and when they die it can be devastating.

In recognition of the sorrowful significance of a dog or cat's death to a person or family, NobleWorks offers up a pair of lovely, touching, tender, beautiful Sympathy cards fit for the sad occasions. For the death of a dog, there's a gorgeous, glorious, goodwill and great commiseration greeting featuring a sunset beach scene silhouetted by a person and their trusty canine companion. While to express your extended grief and heartfelt condolences on the passing of a cat, there's a marvelous, benevolent, copper-hued card depicting a lakeside scene with a person and their loving pussycat sitting on a park bench, as a rainbow beams bright and colorful in the sky in the background.

These sympathetic greeting cards will convey your warmest best wishes and sincere sentiments in fine, caring style, to acknowledge the loss of a pet to someone special.
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