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Nobleworks by Design Kwanzaa Cards

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The 7 red, green and black candles on the kinara (candleholder) represent the Kwanzaa Seven Principles of Unity, Faith, Self Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose and Creativity. The lighting of the kinara sets off the African American cultural celebrations associated with the seven day festival. Appropriately enough, therefore, and truly attractively and appealingly, the Happy Kwanzaa cards collected here feature colorful, artful, illuminated kinaras (along with bright, bold African designs and twinkling stars and dots).

Any of your Black friends, relatives and coworkers who participate in the December 26th to January 1st holiday of singing, dancing, cooking, feasting, reading, family and community, will be put in the proper celebratory and reflective mood, for sure, when you extend them any one of these vivid, vibrant and joyful Happy Kwanzaa greeting cards.