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Non-Humor Birthday Jumbo Cards

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Great, big, glorious, gleeful birthday good wishes are in store for anyone lucky enough to be gifted one of the giant B-Day cards in the NobleWorks By Design Birthday Jumbo Cards collection. These super-sized superlative greeting cards are as huge and colorful and joyous as the occasion itself.

The ages of '30' and '40' are lettered large in shining pearls and rubies, respectively, on a pair of enormous cards, complete with bright yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and blue cutout paper swirlies. An adorable orange, black spotted ladybug goes out on a limb with a buoyant bundle of pink, green, blue, yellow, red and orange balloons against a vibrant green background. And lovely, moving quotes of friendship are superimposed over stunning misted forest and open road daybreak scenery on a pair of perfectly beautiful gigantic cards.

These massive, marvelous, celebratory birthday missives bring mucho emotion and immense laughs to the party. Guaranteed to have the lucky B-Day recipient feeling fantastic.