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New Funny Greeting Cards

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This vividly, vibrantly, colorful collection of clever and hilarious cards all come from the truly one-a-kind talented artist John Callahan. Irreverently rendered in bright blues, yellows, reds, greens, pinks, purples and oranges, in an utterly unique style, these humorous cards cover the gut-busting gamut from Birthdays to Christmas to gay marriage Congratulations.

A big brown dog finally at last catches its tail and begs its mate to go get the camera to preserve the furry accomplishment for posterity; reindeer activists storm an office proclaiming their horny queerness; a blue perching parrot gets even more blue by donning a t-shirt urging its owner to squawk dirty to it; and the 'Mental Christmas Choir' sings about all those voices they're always hearing in their heads Xmas-time or no. Along with many other cutting edge joke cards.

Give the gift of bold, brash good cheer and out-there goodwill by selecting and sending one of these special cards to a special someone with a finely developed sense of the absurd.