New Funny Birthday Cards

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Birthdays are meant to be fun. So, Birthday cards should be funny, right? You bet; and you get - with the New Funny Birthday Cards collection from NobleWorks.

Clever humor is on full display on these colorful cards. The Grim Reaper gets a hard-of-hearing retort from an old-timer; a woman wishes to lighten the load before she blows out the cake candles and her chubby partner miraculously disappears, as a result; a cavewoman relaxes with a good stone tablet tabloid and a refreshing glass of red wine in the world's first she-shed; and a huge pink pig somehow delightfully floats overhead in the blue sky thanks to the hog wild Fatkins Diet. To showcase but a few of these hilarious cartoon, pictured and captioned B-Day missives of mirth.

Spare the expensive gift, for sure; but don't spare the good feelings, goodwill and great cheer on that special someone's birthday - give them one of the cutting edge joke cards from this stunning new line of gut-busting greetings. You'll be rewarded with cake and smiles all around.