New Greeting and Holiday Card Assortment Sets

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One thing, among many, that can be said (in polite company) about NobleWorks Cards: they spare no expense, or talent, in presenting you, the customer, with the most extensive variety of greeting cards for all occasions available anywhere. The depth and determination of NW's drive to unearth the best, funniest cards from the best, freshest artistic minds is nowhere more apparent than in the vast and voluminous New Assortments Greeting Card Sets collection.

This collection of ten, six and three card sets, specially commissioned and packaged by NobleWorks, are fittingly fantastic for a wide variety of occasions and tastes. Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Thank You cards, Blank Cards - they're all here and they're all either colorfully laugh-out-loud hilarious or beautifully touching and heartfelt.

Lovely, bright white, red, blue and orange flowers are displayed in watercolor thanks; Trump is decorated in delicious drag to send out some boisterous birthday cheer; and cute puns are proffered to put a smile on that special birthday boy or girl's face; to name just a few of the sets.

You can't go wrong selecting any one - or more - of these card sets. NobleWorks has gone to the effort, so that you can reap the glorious paper card harvest. Distributing these good cheer, goodwill and good grace handy, hardcopy missives to friends and family will be a pleasure to both you and them.