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Greeting Card Occasion Fun and Funny Facts

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NobleWorks Cards is all about funny cards, but we also like to put a little extra fun into the funny. So if you are looking to add a little extra something to your greeting or want to look extra smart at the party, we have put together a bunch of trivia, fun facts and other information, especially about birthdays, to add to your repertoire. You can wow your friends with your knowledge of birthday do's and don'ts, such as in Japan, you don't give a clock as a birthday gift. Or in Malaysia, a gift is never opened in front of the gift-giver. You'll such little know information right here, courtesy of NobleWorks! Do you have one of our cards that is blank inside and need help with adding a hilarious greeting or poem of your own? Or just wish to add a little more pizzazz to a greeted card? We have a range of famous quotes that might just fit the bill, such as "Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake" or "Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs." You'll find other such pearls of wisdom by the likes of Shakespeare, Lucille Ball, Malcolm Forbes, and Oscar Wilde, among many others. NobleWorks also offers a long list of birthday greetings to add to a blank card or to add and personalize when you sign our birthday card. These greeting range from the sweet to the snappy to the sardonic. You get to choose what is appropriate for you and the birthday honoree. Would you rather appear to be a poet and pair a little rhyme with one of our funny cards to honor the birthday person? Our poems each have a little twist that add a smile, chuckle or belly laugh out loud. Use them for inspiration or use them outright. It's okay with us. We are all about fun and funny. So have fun with our cards and copy!