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Funny New Home Cards

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Moving into a New Home is a hugely special occasion in anyone's life; whether that new abode be a house, townhouse, duplex, condominium, apartment or van down by the river. And a great housewarming gift for any English speaking or Mexican American or Puerto Rican friend, family member or workmate who's making the big homebase change is a happy and hilarious New Home Congratulations greeting card of good cheer and best wishes.

Those new homeowners or different dwelling place people you know will be unpacking laughter along with their possessions when you give them any of these English and Spanish language New Home Congrats cards. Because these humorous New Home greetings feature: cavemen and women sampling handprinted wallpaper; dolls perhaps haunted by kinky house ghosts; coffee drinking, box living and loving cats; dogs getting sold on front yard and ensuite fire hydrants; people wheeling out shopping carts loaded with prefabricated housing from their local Home Store; and Hispanic snails dreaming about beachfront shell property. So, get moving - pick out, pack up and shift out any of these hysterical greeting cards to give the place moving gift of laughter and brighten that New Home of anybody special who's switching locations.