Tim Whyatt Funny and Inappropriate Birthday Cards

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Tim Whyatt Birthday

If you were looking for the funniest Tim Whyatt birthday collection of cards this side of the sun, you’ve found it! But if you were looking for that analytical report on radio radiation…well, we can’t help you with that. However, we do have this naughty radio doggy-style card if that’s any consolation.

We can’t help you with the birthday gift, but if your friend has a thing for thongs, why not order this card with a funny thong joke? Or skim through our funny cock jokes like this one about Bangkok.

For those more sensitive friends, send this funny Tim Whyatt cat card. Book lovers will dig this Bible hero cartoon.

There’s something fun about Whyatt’s cartoons. Even the naked cartoons are kind of loveable and cute! Enjoy the colorful cast of characters Whyatt has put together in his cartoon world that never ceases to be funny.

Tim Whyatt is one of Australia's and NobleWorks’ prominent cartoonists. His hilarious cartoons have appeared in many publications and are published internationally in various languages. Whyatt’s cartoons are published and distributed by NobleWorks Cards as hilarious greeting cards; birthday cards, Christmas cards, Mother’s Day Cards and other occasions, and are available to consumers and wholesalers. His crazy gag cartoons and naughty jokes are also available as greeting cards, magnets and other products in the in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. His funny greeting cards are called "Traces of Nuts in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Enjoy!