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Funny Kwanzaa Greeting Cards

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Kwanzaa, in case some people "didn't" know, is a celebration of African American culture held annually from December 26th to January 1st, and features singing, dancing, cooking, reading and family gatherings. It's also a great time to present all of your Black friends, relatives and coworkers who celebrate the joyful occasion with a colorful, funny and fabulous Happy Kwanzaa card. Such as one of the garrulous, great looking, stylish and creative greetings showcased right here.

The red, green and black candles of the kinara are front and center (outside and inside) on these humorous, heartfelt and artful Kwanzaa cards. Along with hilarious joke verbiage and African hued drums, banners, gift boxes, confetti and designs. These vivid, vibrant, humorous greetings are truly worthy of the Happy Kwanzaa event.